Dr Hussain Madavoor

Christians and Muslims are two major societies globally. Both these societies were brought forth and nurtured in the Middle East countries and thus with Semitic hereditary. Bible is the doctrine of Christianity and Qur’an is of Islam.

Jesus Christ (PBUH) and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) were born in the ancestral generations of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham). Many matters in Bible are explained in Qur’an. One can observe that Jesus Christ’s messages in Bible are reiterated in Qur’an. By all these means, one can easily presume that there is an unbreakable relationship between Christian-Muslim community in terms of its ideology and family relationship. Therefore, it’s very necessary to keep up a very strong relationship, brotherhood, harmony and regard to each other between these two societies that’s the interest of Bible and Qur’an. This is the very perspective of Jesus Christ as well as Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

As a matter of fact, Muslims and Christians got far away from one another over the years in history off politics, priesthood, communal repercussions. Crusades played a crucial role to have this conflict evolved and widened; still a massive skepticism exists among West-Eastern Muslims and Christian community over this. Although 9/11, London Bombings, 26/11, etc were carried out by some criminals, it caused to widen the gap between Christian-Muslim communities in the world. It makes no sense to look at who carried out and who were annihilated in these attacks; Neither Christianity nor Islam instructed to murder. Therefore, the appropriate perspective would be that it’s some [wicked] men carried out these attacks and some other human beings were killed too. Most of those massacred were innocents, laymen, women, aged and children.

Western and Eastern regions must come closer; to make this possible, people in the regions must come closer. To be able to come closer, they should know each other. There are enormous verses in both Bible and Qur’an that persuade to unite the Christian-Muslim communities. Here’re some of the verses from both testaments; for the better future of mankind. (There are so many conflicts in terms of ideology between Christianity and Islam, but are not discussed in this article)

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Paper presented by Dr. Hussain Madavoor,

Faith in Action-High Level Religious Leaders Summit-Interfaith Response on Stigma and Discrimination against HIV and AIDS – Hosted by Sri Sri Ravi Sankar

Hon’ble Religious Scholars and Leaders

My dear brothers and sisters from various faith and nations

First of all, I begin with Islamic Greetings of Peace,  May the Merciful and Compassionate God encompass all of us with His abundant measure of PEACE & TRANQUILITY!   السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته    this Arabic term means,      Om!  Shanti!  Shanti!  in Sanskrit.

I am much excited to be here with you in this summit, I visualize it and the gathering before me as a cross section of our great nation rich with a glorious heritage Dating back to thousands of years,

Unified within its fold diversified cultures, civilizations and religions Diversity is the distinguished feature of our great nation India, Continue Reading »

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